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Jewish Holy Places in Persia

Persia has been not only an historical but also a holy land for all jews around the world. Prophet Danial, Ester, Habakkuk, and many others are a biblical people who acted as God led them. Persian kings from Cyrus to many other generations help jews to rebuild Jerusalem and live wherever they desired; in Israel or Persian territories.

Danial Tomb in Susa
Danial Tomb in Susa

The most reason that jews has emigrated to other countries was political not social difficulties. Although going to Iran is not easy now, a lot of jewish pilgrims are longing to visit Iran and holy places.

Habakkuk tomb in Hamedan-Tuiserkan
Habakkuk tomb in Hamedan-Tuiserkan

This video is about “Agha Molla Baba” synagogue in Yazd

همین مطلب به زبان فارسی

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